November 7th. ;(

You know that fuckin’ feelings,

When you’re trying to hide any single thing you had.

When you actually Do – Not strong enough to face your problem.

When your tears fall apart from your eyes.

When you don’t have any power to ignore nor just walk away.

When you’re too tired to faking, to pretend that you’re okay.

When the ‘happy’ emoticons like make a fool of you
When the destroyer was your own self.

When you felt like a garbage.

When your conscience can’t help you anymore

When your music player can’t calm you down.

When the only reason for you to keep struggling hurt you.

When they who you love the most, being your biggest reason to cry; because they are ignore you.

It’s about the whole of your family member hate you.

I can’t bear anymore.

When It all happened on your seventeenth birthday.

Thanks for the worstest Birth-day Ever. Thanks god.



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