Trapped in highschool memory

My highschool was awesome. Totally awesome, I met lot of people. Dozens of friends, some enemy, I hate, I learn, and most important know plenty of things.

I met socialite, a group with nine marvelous girls. We’re not a troublemaker, we play good at highschool, do appropriate things and we share our thought well. yea… highschool never flat as board with ’em. We gather, give surprise to each girl on their birthday, do lot of fun things and most important, we do exsist ’till today. I love them. I love socialite much.

then… Highschool also the eye-witness of my lovelife ;p I fall in love with some guys.

(Hihi. I don’t mind with everyone’s thought… I know some people think if I shudnt wrote these name)

I met osvaldo, I learn that I don’t have to be anyone but me…

I met Rizki Budi & I learn that I can’t force anything that relate to something called ‘feelings’.

And I met Muhammad Nirwan who makes me who I am today. He’s cool. He put effort on our relationship & makes the ‘better’ version of me :) well, actually we goin’ to same school for 6 years (109 JHS & 71 SHS), but.. we get to know each other in our last year at highschool. ahaha
he has nice family ^^ and he makes me fall in with it, they relate good each other, and that’s one of factors that makes me click with. He’s really a good guy, he protect me and know how to treat a girl eventhough I’m his first girlfriend. Ah, also, he smells good. Really good :p and… now he’s in same college with me, at Padjadjaran University. He took Accounting major. ^^

I miss my highschool. I didn’t know I will missing every person in it like now. I regretted every tears that fallen down when I knew I went to 71 shs. I love my highschool much.

*note: highschool: friends, memory, exclude some teacher.


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