Having date like Every single day before we move from November; super magical month😝. Thanks to this nice coffee shop that deliver nicest nachos, affogato, creme brulee, and éclair ’till this late. 😻 we definitely love any of them😙 – at Noah’s Barn with Rio

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Kakaknya tengah, Kanan Kirinya adek. Wkwkwk astagfirullah muka, ekspresi dll. Btw, lepeklepekan don’t care. – with Rio and Jesica at Bebek Garang Braga

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Thank God! Natt & Fay’s wedding 🌹🌹👰👑

Time to Sleepwell & Say Goodnite to boutonnière, Flower Crown, Bridesmaid Bouquèt, Big-big Bouquet and all of flowers. Thankü Rio for all chance u trust on me :”>

Btw u know, what’s the greatest thing from having your boyf as your partner on a project? You’ll get double happiness. You do it with love, so you may Delivering the Happiness with love, too.

Secret Gift, Delivering Happiness – with Rio at Adarapura Resort and Spa

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